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I am Peter, formerly a carpenter. My passion for bees began in northern England, where my Father kept bees. Francesca, my wife, also a beekeeper, who helps and supports me, is a Karate instructor, runs a large Karate club and has therapeutic and sports injury  practice. We have a 5-year-old son. We started this venture in 2010 in the north of Sweden, 60 km from the Arctic Circle. With the education and support of a generous local professional bee-keeper and a local farming consultancy agency, we set up “Swedish Arctic Honey”. The first harvests were good and we had much enthusiastic support from the local people. We looked like reaching our target of viability in 4 years. Then the weather struck. 2012 was the worst honey harvest in the memory of old local beekeepers. Due to exceptional rain and little sun, we averaged 3 kg per society against a normal expected yield of 25 kg per society in that region. The next year was hardly better! Many bee-keepers lost all their bees, though we did not, through careful management. The land of 24 hour sun, in recent history, produces a good crop of honey with the intensity of a short summer of 24 hour sunshine, but the absence of that sun for two years running was against us!  To give our bees a better environment, we had to move south where the summer is longer.  We continued to support the bees from our other work while we looked for the right place and then we were miraculously offered the house where we live now, Gustavsfors, Värmland, which is in an environment that is perfect for bees. This is an amazing forest area that is totally free from chemicals, dense traffic and the side effects of mono-agriculture.

We used all our remaining savings to move 50 + bee societies, all the bee and honey equipment, our home and our then 18 month old baby.  A 20 hour continuous drive, many times in a hire truck. We were up and running by June 2014.


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