Ants and how to keep them out of the Bee Hive

If you place your hives on a stand off the ground a very simple and very effective method of ant exclusion is a double plastic sheet of slightly different sizes, (bigger size on top) placed to over hang the support table (see photo). We have lots of ants in the Swedish forests (big and small) and they are as real problem. Ants can rob and kill even a really powerful bee-soicety in a week or less,  this plastic seet method, really works to keep them out and it requires no maintenance (lasts 1-2 Years) We have tried many methods, herbs,  tubs on the legs , salt , old engine oil etc  but the double plastic sheet works the far the best in our experience and it seems non stressful for the bees. We even placed 6 bee societies right in the middle of a really gigantic black ants nest by mistake one night in the dark, the societies were situated over this ants nest for 4 weeks, with no ill effects. If you make a small hole through the double sheet directly in the centre of the stand to let any collected water drain through you will not get bees drowning them selves alternatively you can place a hole bunch of twigs on the plastic sheet between the hives so the bees can drink and do not drown but the water may get smelly if not washed out every now and then.