Bee sanctuary. Deep in the sparsely populated forest of “the wild outback” of Sweden.

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Our Aim: A SUSTAINABLE, bee conservation zone. A disease-free, insecticide-free, herbicide-free, bee sanctuary. Deep in the sparsely populated forest of “the wild outback” of Sweden.

We are developing a Honey Bee Conservation Zone.

We keep our bees in the lovely areas of north Värmland and south Dalarna, in Sweden.  At present we have about 80 bee societies that are disease-free and living in an amazing forest area that is free from chemicals, dense traffic and the side effects of mono-agriculture. The only farming that occurs locally is sustainable forestry.

Our basic idea is to make this a protected area where bees can do what they do best: pollinate and make high quality honey that is great for them and for people, without fear of incursion from any of the variables that we know can prevent bees from flourishing.  We are more than just certified organic bee-keepers, for we wish for our bees to stay protected, and to extend that protection to others. We are seeking a way forward to make this a reality.

We focus on the development of naturally, healthy, new bee societies that come from a diverse gene pool of the Black Nordic bee. We breed and select new queens form our best bee societies and we also bring in new Nordic Queens from other Nordic bee breeders. Our bees are mostly very forgiving and non-aggressive.  We aim to give bees a healthy and natural life not just for our own honey production, but also so that we can make additional healthy, happy bee-societies available to existing natural bee-keepers or for people who wish to become natural bee-keepers, and want to start with the best. The honey our bees produce is so good; I honestly think it is the best honey I have ever tasted. I doubt you have tasted any better honey!